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3x Ivory Matrix Retainers


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CaresWorth dental products prioritize oral health with a focus on comfort and safety, delivering efficient solutions for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.


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Free Shipping

Free Shipping in North America for orders over $100.
  • Made of High quality Medical grade Stainless Steel
  • Matrix Retainer – Ivory No. 1 for restoration of class II cavities.
  • Matrix Retainer is especially great for difficult and complicated fillings.
  • Adjustable matrix retainer to hold bands of stainless steel that provide the missing wall for the single proximal surface restoration (MO or DO). The matrix holder has a claw at one end with two flat semicircle arms having a pointed projection at the end. On the other end of the matrix band holder, there is a screw which when tightened, brings the ends of both the claws closer to each other. One margin band is slightly projected, which is kept toward the gingiva on the cavity side. Free end of matrix band are kept on the non-cavity side.
  • Very practical to use for fillings of the teeth for the lower jaw, in which a Matrix is required.
  • Fully autoclavable/reusable. 
  • Product fully compliant with ISO, FDA and CE standards.