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Brewer Winged Rubber Dam Clamp/Ring Applicator Forceps Dental Orthodontic Instruments


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CaresWorth dental products prioritize oral health with a focus on comfort and safety, delivering efficient solutions for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.


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Free Shipping

Free Shipping in North America for orders over $100.
  • Made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, polished Silver making it easy to clean and sterilisable.
  • Brewer Winged rubber dam clamps have a curved handle for comfort and efficiency, allowing you to reach any tooth.
  • A spring and slip ring clamp enables you to remove clamps, place them quickly and easily and then keep them in the right position
  • High Degree of Flexibility with Conducting the Procedures
  • Full Autoclave-able /Reusable
  • High Degree of Aesthetic and Corrosion Resistance